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Japanese Omakase restaurant

Muzo conceptualised and designed RAI, the high-end Japanese sushi restaurant located in the heart of London, offering an intimate and exclusive omakase sushi experience.
Our brief was to create an immersive space that transports diners on a culinary journey through the artistry of Japanese cuisine, offering guests a magical dining experience.
Stepping into the restaurant, guests are surrounded by authentic zen gardens, enveloped in an atmosphere of understated elegance and serenity. The decision to limit covers to only 5 tables and 9 seats at the sushi counter, optimises the experience of the space for every customer. Each table is thoughtfully arranged to maximize privacy and comfort, promoting relaxation and connection.

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At the centre of the dining space stands a deep red acer, its branches extend and infuse the space with a seasonal beauty and harmony seen in Japan. The interior is a blend of traditional Japanese finishes and contemporary style. The dining area uses a mixture of natural materials, including stone and wood, and the zen garden consists of a stone lantern, silver gravel, water fountain, and Japanese plants and trees – emphasising the connection with nature, and it’s contemplation within Japanese interior philosophies. Black-stained wood accents bring a quality of warmth and sophistication, which are enhanced by the ambient light filtering throughout.

A round mirror is positioned on the feature wall next to the acer, a felt reference to the ancient ritual of autumn moon viewing, Tsukimi. The mirror reflects the soft glow of ambient light, further adding to the tranquil, reflective mood – a meditation on the mysterious beauty of Japanese tradition that underpins the experience.

The sushi counter uses the original wood countertop, reclaimed and stained to bring  it back to life. The bar front is clad with split-face slate tiles, furnished with elegant bar stools. The area serves a classical sushi menu.

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